Dutch Hill Chocolates




Years of trial and error along with very discerning “sweet teeth” have culminated to bring you, the candy lover, what we truly believe to be the most delicious buttercreams that you’ll ever eat. Over the past 50 years, the family has strived to produce the highest quality chocolate products that money can buy. High quality to us means that we continue to make our products in-house with the original recipes, and do not add any preservatives. Many think that the word gourmet should appear somewhere on our packaging. Well, perhaps it should. You be the judge. We are confident of one thing, each time you treat yourself to Dutch Hill Chocolates, your tastebuds will soar to new heights of epicurean pleasure. That may be a cliché, but it’s true, nonetheless. Trust us!

Our History


Joseph Myers began candy making in the early 1950’s after picking up a recipe book in the grocery store. Joseph was an Army Veteran and fireman trying to provide for his wife, Geraldine Myers, and their brood of nine. The two began making chocolate-covered buttercreams in their home located on “Dutch Hill” in Altoona during the Christmas and Easter seasons for their families and friends. Though this hobby was not a large income for the family, it brought some joy to the home during the holidays. A few of the children had joined in with Joseph and Geraldine to help them with making the candies, but as the couple continued to age, less and less candy was being made over the years. In 1988, daughters Mary Myers and Jerry (Myers) Moore decided to continue the legacy and begin the corporation while using the original recipes. Through years of building the “Dutch Hill” name by participating in fundraisers, advertisements, and pleasing our loyal customers, the business was becoming well known in the Central Pennsylvania area. At this time, Jerry and her husband, Douglas Moore, decided to make the business’s most recent relocation back to the notorious“Dutch Hill” in 2003, where it had all began. The couple has worked hard to grow the business all while providing the area with the finest chocolates

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